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  • Enter "Tasks and events" in the menu

  • Here you have an overview of all tasks, which is done or not, and what tasks that needs to be done

  • Use the horizontal menu in the top to filter task by job titles

  • The task module is a powerful tool if you use it right. Only the fantasy can limits what you can use it for

  • Press "add a new task" and decide which task type it is, for example group task (routines) where you can make multiple sub task, or you can make a "reporting number" task where you can report temperature measurements

  • Decide which personal group or key personnel that shall do the task and choose when it shall be done. Is it at routine? Toggle off as a routine task and decide which days and time it shall be done

  • Important! If you have made a task/routine ex. Fire safety rounds, you need to connect the task to the right procedure in order to easy document the routine for the authorities in the inspection button. Remember that you need to do this in every subtask if you want to make a group task. This is done while you are creating a task. After you have decided who is responsible for the task, the "details" will pop up. under "Connect to" you can choose which procedure you will connect the task to.

See how to edit a task:

See how to complete a task:

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