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How does the feedback module works?
How does the feedback module works?
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Feedback is a very powerful tool that is highly valued by our customers. We actually see that this is one of the most used function next to Tasks.

We recommend that you encourage your employees to provide feedback (Deviations). This is easily done by pressing the Give feedback button in the bottom left corner. Make sure that all employees report errors and deficiencies, so that you get a good overview of what is out of order. You can easily change the status of a feedback, so that it is easy to follow the process.

Remember that if employees know how to use this functionality, they also know what they have to do when an accident happens.

  • Handle a feedback by pressing on them. You can then chat with the person who made it, do a risk assessment of the feedback, create a task and assign it to the one responsible to fix it (see under), or change status to Handled when handled

  • Handled feedbacks will be archived. You can find them again by pressing the Archive button up to the right

🚨 Remember that you can also turn a Feedback into a task. This is a new and ground-breaking functionality that enables employees to report errors and deficiencies via Feedback. Everything that requires your attention will then be in the Feedback module. Go in, monitor the status of the Feedback, and turn the Feedback into a task that you delegate to whoever is responsible for sorting it out.

  • Press Actions in the horizontal menu in a Feedback

  • Press + and create a new task that appears in the task list of the person responsible

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