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Different access levels
Different access levels
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Runwell have 4 different types of access levels and views. The article under will axplain the different options.

  • Workplace owner: Full access to all locations. Same as admin view, but you can also change organization and billing

  • Admin view: As a admin you will have access to edit all information on your location. Remember that you edit the information on behalf of the location. If you want to do a course or upload a diploma in your name, you have to go to your personal profile. You can do this by press on Main menu, then press on your name

  • Personal profile: All your employees can access your location from their own account on desktop, tablet and phone. Employees can upload personal documentation, edit contact information, take courses, complete tasks, send feedback and see all they need to know. All your employees have everything they need, right in their pocket.

  • Display view: Public view that give all employees access to all information, but they cant edit. This is perfect for a tablet that is in the bar/kitchen etc. Here the employees can find the inspection button or do tasks.

  • In order to log in to display view, go to and press "Sign in". Under the "log in" button you can find the "Display log in" button. In order to get the code that you are asked for, go to your personal profile, go to Main menu and choose "Unlock Display"

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