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Has your company received a letter from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority?
Has your company received a letter from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority?
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Many companies received a letter from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority in December 2022, where they pointed out that many industries are required to connect with an approved occupational health service.

The Labour Inspection Authority states that good cooperation with the occupational health service will enhance the quality of occupational health work. It will reduce the risk of employees suffering injuries, illnesses, and discomfort due to work-related factors. A good working environment will have a positive impact on both the health, motivation, and sick leave among employees, as well as on the productivity, results, and costs for society.

To reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses resulting from work, companies should, in collaboration with the occupational health service, undertake the following:

  • Assess the working environment, conduct surveys, and assess risks.

  • Plan and implement changes.

  • Propose and implement actions that can prevent work-related health problems.

  • Monitor the health of employees when required by regulations or when the work situation suggests it.

  • Propose and implement workplace adaptations for individual employees.

  • Provide information and conduct training on health, environment, and safety.

  • Follow up on inquiries from employees, safety representatives, and working environment committees.

Furthermore, the Labour Inspection Authority informs that during inspections, they can check:

  • Whether the employer can document the legally required connection to an approved occupational health service.

  • Whether you have developed a written plan for occupational health service assistance.

  • Whether an annual report has been prepared describing the occupational health service's assistance to the company.

  • Whether the occupational health service assists in implementing specific orders issued by the Labour Inspection Authority to the company, such as orders related to mapping, risk assessment, and measures.

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