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Set up the Inspection button: Be compliant on your next inspection
Set up the Inspection button: Be compliant on your next inspection

This guide help you to set up the Inspection button

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Never fail an authority inspection again! With Runwell you will get a fast view of documentation, feedback, training, risk assessments and procedures that the authorities ask for.

  • Remember that this button are unfortunately not magic. In order to make it work, you have to upload/create all documentation. But when it's done, you can finally sleep well!

  • The consolation is that if you do it proper the first time, this will save you for a lot of work in the future, because the system will warn you when the documents expires, and you can put up recurring task for reviews.

How it works:

  • We've added the Inspections you need based on your location type, country and what you serve.

  • Each inspection is based on a set of procedures. The procedures includes key personnel, documents, tasks etc…

  • Information from the Procedures is located in the Relevant column. All data in your location, except what's in Relevant column, will be shown in the All column.

In order to show all information the inspectors demand, you have to put in information in all modules in Runwell. You will now get a guide, module by module:

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