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How to use Procedures
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You will find your procedures in the HSE module. You can choose to use the procedure templates that we provided you, or create your own.

  • You can easily add a new procedure by pressing Add procedure on the right side. Choose between our pre made or make your own.

  • By clicking on a procedure you will get a preview. Press View full procedure in the bottom to see full procedure.

  • In the horizontal menu you can see which modules a procedure consist of. Remember to go through all modules and make sure that personnel is assigned to courses, and mandatory documentation is uploaded

  • In the task module on the procedure you can make, edit and activate/deactivate associated tasks


Courses & Documentation:

  • The first module you will see when you pressing into a procedure is the Courses & Documentation

  • Here you can press the add buttons and add relevant courses and documentation.

  • Remember to activate the relevante course/document by using the activate toggle.

  • Press on the three dots on the right side of at course/document and press edit. Now you can choose if it shall be mandatory and who you want to assign it to

Key Documents:

  • We presume that you already have assigned Key roles in the Key Information module, and jump further to the Key documents module in the procedure

  • In the same way as last module, you can add and activate documents


  • In the task module on the procedure you can make, edit and activate/deactivate associated tasks

  • You can of course create task directly in the Task module in the menu to the left, the difference is that if you make it here, the task/routines will be attached to the relevant procedure. This means that it is easy to document the task/routines for the inspectors. Your employees will do the task like usual.

  • You can also connect already existing task to a procedure by press on the three dots on the right side of a task (in the task module), press Edit, press on the Details symbol, and connect the task to the procedure that you like.

  • If you want to document that the task is beeing done, press on a task and then press all submissions. You will now get an overview of when it's done.

Laws and Regulations:

  • In the Laws and Regulations module you can add both a law and a regulation if you are missing something.

  • Remember: Runwell link directly to national Laws and regulations, but there is also local regulations that vary. Therefore you have to upload or link to local regulations by your self

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