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🏅Key roles forms the backbone of any organisation, from HSE responsible to safety representatives and department leaders. In Runwell, courses, assignments, procedures and deviations are linked directly to these roles. It ensures that each person has access to the necessary training and clearly defined areas of responsibility.

Runwell also alerts when it is time to replace a key role, and by linking tasks and deviations to a role instead of a person, the system ensures a smooth transition when replacing personnel. This approach provides continuity and efficiency, which are crucial elements for a well-functioning organisation.

How to assign a key role to an employee:

  • Go to Team in the Module menu, then choose Key personnel in the horizontal menu

  • Assign employees to the Key roles

  • Remember: Employees have to log in and registrer for the first time before you can assign them key roles

How to create a key role:

  • Go to Team in the module menu, then select Key Roles in the horizontal menu

  • Tap Add key role in the top right corner

  • If you want to edit a key role, press the three dots to the right of the role.

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