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Hello and welcome to Key documents in Runwell - your solution for organizing and streamlining your documentation! Are you tired of handling binders full of mysterious documents, unsure of what they really mean, or afraid to throw them away in case the inspectors asks for them? Do not despair any longer! With Runwell you can take full control of your documentation. Here you have the opportunity to store everything from necessary documents requested by the authorities, to important manuals and instructions.

Ditch the binders and experience better overview and organization. In Runwell, you can even set an expiration date on your documents, and the system will notify you when it's time for renewal. We also give you the option to activate reading confirmation, so that you can document that employees have read the relevant documents you have uploaded. With Runwell, you not only get order in the chaos, but also the tools you need to handle your documentation in a more structured and efficient way. Welcome to a simpler and more organized everyday document life with Runwell!

  • Go to HSE in the module menu, then select Key documents in the horizontal menu

  • Upload important documents. Missing an upload folder? Press Add document in the top right corner

  • Fill in the details in the Fire escape plan. The details are automatically displayed in the Emergency Course

  • Remember to press the Save button.

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