Planday Integration

These steps will help you set up and utilize the Planday integration seamlessly.

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  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Organization > Integrations and click on Planday Integration.

2. This is where you will add the APP ID and TOKEN.

3. Open Planday and navigate to Settings > Integrations > Overview

4. Click Connect on the Runwell integration tile

5. Click Generate credentials, review permissions given to Runwell and authorize the access.

6. Open the Runwell tile again and copy the credentials (app ID and token) over to Runwell.

7. Click Connect in Runwell and wait until you see Connected in the top left corner. Once connected, two new sections will appear: Pairing locations and users.

8. Add one or more Planday departments to your Runwell locations. Runwell will automatically save the changes.

9. Repeat the same process for users. The system will attempt to suggest connections based on information from both accounts. You can easily search for the corresponding Planday account in the search field and manually connect them. Remember to click Pair for each connection. It is crucial to ensure accuracy.

10. Navigate to your location > Team > Shifts to witness the powerful Planday integration in action.

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