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How are things connected in Runwell?
How are things connected in Runwell?
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In the first view it can be a bit confusing how everything is connected in Runwell. In this guide we will try to explain how things is connected, and how best practice should be.

Runwell is build up like a hierarchy, where the "Inspection button" is on the top. The trick is to connect the relevant procedures to the relevant authority. Press the button to see how to connect procedures to the "Inspection button":

Runwell is build up around procedures. You can see procedures as different containers. In the same way as you collect all your winter jackets in one container, you collect all relevant information on for example HSE in the HSE procedure, all information related to alcohol in the Alcohol procedure, and so on. It's extremely important that your procedures is compliant to avoid errors in you next inspection . We recommend that you carefully go through you procedures in order to make sure that everything is correct. Press the button to see our procedure guide:

Hope this was helpful! Need help to set up/edit your procedures? Contact our customer service chat and we will guide you further :-)

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