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How to activate "Paid Plan"? 💰
How to activate "Paid Plan"? 💰


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Runwell offers a free subscription for customers who have 1 location and up to 3 employees. If you have more employees, you have to upgrade to our "Basic subscription".

How do I upgrade? 💸

Remember that you have to be a "Workplace owner" (created the location in Runwell) in order to upgrade.

  1. Press "Main menu" in the bottom left corner and select "Settings"

  2. Press billing

  3. Go to "Payment details" in the horizontal menu at the top and fill in all information. Remember to press "Save"

  4. Go to "Payment methods" in the horizontal menu and fill in your card information. Remember to press "Save"

  5. Go to "Plans" in the horizontal menu, select "Basic Plan" and wether you want to pay annually or monthly. Remember to press "Change Plan".

Congrats with you new subscription! Now you can invite all employees! 🎉

Enjoy Runwell🤩

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