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How to do a risk assessment ⚠️
How to do a risk assessment ⚠️
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First of all, what is a risk assessment?⚠️


Everyone are obliged to carry out risk assessments for their company. This is an important part of the HSE work. Risk assessment is a review and assessment of what can go wrong in the workplace. The aim is to prevent accidents, injuries and illness as a result of the work. Risk assessment is an important tool for gaining an overview and evaluating conditions in the company. The risk assessment lays the foundation for further decisions in the HSE work, as well as preparing routines and a training plan for the employees to avoid future accidents.

We recommend that you spend time preparing a thorough risk assessment so that you can take concrete actions to reduce the risk in your company. The risk assessment must be reviewed at least once a year. The review must check whether the risk elements that you assessed earlier are relevant and whether changes have been made to operations/locations that results in new risk elements that need to be assessed.


In Runwell we have made risk assessments easy. Just press on the HSE module, and choose Risk assessments in the horizontal menu.

PS! You can switch views by pressing the button in the red circle


Create a new risk assessment by pressing Add risk assessment, then the view under will appear. Choose category, add title and description, assess the severity and probability of the risk, then describe the action you took to reduce the risk, or just connect the assessment to a task by pressing the + sign.

An example can be that you assess the risk of fire. The actions to reduce the risk can be to create a group task named "Weekley fire safety round" with subtasks like "check the exit signs", "check that the fire extinguisher is marked" and "make sure the exits are free from blockages". Remember that you have to create the tasks in the "Tasks" module before you can connect them to a risk assessment.

You got it? The best of luck while creating the Risk Assessment for your location 💪

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